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SPAM! Actually, just some rare Ozzy stuff for sale

I have a bunch of Ozzy related stuff for sale. I wish I could keep it all, but I can barely see the floor of my apartment as it is, and I'm going to be moving into a tiny place. So unfortunately my huge music collection needs to shrink. Hopefully these items will make their way into the hands of fellow fans.

Right now on Ebay I have the following three listings, with no reserve:

1) <strong>2 VHS (NTSC) tapes</strong>: Ozzy's <em>Live & Loud</em> (with the limited edition casing, where the lid is made of a stiff metal mesh screen) and <em>The Black Sabbath Story Volume 1</em> (which I hear is better in some ways than the DVD, since the DVD reportedly created "Widescreen" by pasting black bars on the top and bottom, sometimes blocking Tony Iommi's head!)

2) <strong>Randy Rhoads</strong> "Guitar Greats" t-shirt (medium, great condition), and pin (still factory sealed)

3) Set of 7 Ozzy-related audio cassette tapes (the very rare "<strong>Ten Commandments</strong>", "No More Tears - Collector's Edition", the now officially deleted "Speak of the Devil" and "Just Say Ozzy", the debut of "Badlands" featuring Jake E. Lee, and I'm also throwing in "No More Tears" and the Lita Ford album "Lita" which features the duet "Close My Eyes Forever")

4) <strong>Set of 3 CDs</strong>: "Live & Loud" (the special edition with the metal casing and 2 removable tattoos), "Mama I'm Coming Home" single, and the 1995 remaster of "Bark at the Moon" (MUCH, much better than the 2002 remix that has since replaced it IMO)

Bill M.


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