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Connections to Ozzy

Got any imaginative/creative or real connections to Ozz?
I came up with this one for me a few years ago
12/3/1948 = Ozzy bday
3/10/1988 = My bday

the 3, the 19, and an 8 are constant, now take the other 8 (1988) divide it by 2 = 4. Then take that 2 and add it to 10 = 12. A slight bit of re-arranging and you get 12/3/1948...
I've also got an autograph Ozzy sent me after I sent him a (fanboy) letter, and I met him when POD came out. 5:00 am in NYC but I got a copy of POD and latter that night brought my parents and we each got polaroids with the Ozzman.


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