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Great Album. Very Very Pleased!

1. Not Going Away- I love this song. very heavy and hard. I love the nu-metalish growls in the middle(but glad he didnt take that too far)

2. I DOnt Wanna Stop-Great song. glad this was the single. got me very pumped for the album.

3. Black Rain- Very old school song, of all 10 tracks this one reminds me the most of a Sabbath song. I hear the old Sab influence. The harmonica, the lyrics, the dark gloony sound, and i like the little jam session at the end, it doesnt just end with the last line of the chorus, very Iommi.

4. Lay Your WOrld On Me- as of now my favorite song on the album. Very dark and gloomy at first, but then after the first few lines it warms up a little and becomes more obviously a ballad. Reminds me of my girlfriend, Sharon.

5. The Almighty Dollar- good song. at times reminds me a BIT of Pink Floyd and others NIN, but with a cool Ozzy spin. I love the way he delivers the lyrics. and a great concept

6. 11 Silver- good old drug song. like many have said a very BLS feel. Love the vocal effects!

7. Civilize The Universe- as of right now my least fav song on the album and i still like it. Good opening

8. Here FOr You- Great, great ballad. I loved this song from the time I heard the sample on

9. COuntdown's Begun- another good song. Great lyrics

10. Trap Door- ANother very different sounding song for Ozzy, but he makes it work. Good song. I cant stop singing "standing on the trap door" over and over another good experiment with the vocals that worked