how do you get free VIP ozzfest tickets? | The Official Ozzy Osbourne Site

how do you get free VIP ozzfest tickets?

how do you get free VIP ozzfest tickets? i see how you get general but whats up can someone please explain how this is workin this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't think VIP is free. If you want VIP treatment you have to pay for it.

according to the back of the code it looks like its first ___ people who cash in their ticket codes

It's Not A VIP Package,It's A Reserveed Seating Special,If You Got The Album Anyway you use that album way ahead of time.

VIP is very expensive but what ever

VIP started off at like 600$ and now its up to over 1000$ i think
very expensive.
i'll take my free ticket
anyway go to and it tells ya all about the VIP seats.
info was also on, etc
pay attention people !

now people want VIP TICKETS FOR FREE
what next.

rock on

--People are so silly. Vip isnt free. The vip tickets started off at like 600$ for 4 and it's well up and over 1000$. i think you can bid on them now on but the starting bid is 1000$.
About 500,000 free tickets were given out for ozzfest and now people think they should get vip seats free. what next? anyway all this was explained on, and on how to get there vip tickets. i was sent several emails from the sites as well.
people are stupid then someone asked one time is the food free????? give me a break.
greedy people out there. they should be happy for free lawn tickets!!!!!!!!
rock on

and to correct someone it is a VIP PACKAGE not just the better seats you were paying for .
it was a whole package of back stage passes and get to go on stage with ozzy it wasnt just
4 reserved seats. s*** i got reserved seats for free but no i'm not in the front row.

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