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Rock Honors

f***ING KICKED ASS! Ozzy was as crazy as ever... still putting on one of the best rock n' roll shows I've seen... He played "I Don't Wanna Stop" and "Crazy Train." It says that they actually also played "Bark", but it didn't air.. i think it's on

anyone else watch?


They kept his backing track at a very low volume and he sounded much better. I hope they drop it all together for Ozzfest.

Bombs Away!!!

I was at the rock honors front row, Ozzy rocked and so did Zakk. bark at the moon should have been aired it was the best out of the 3 songs they did. The after party should have been taped too! What a wild nite.

does anybody have a video of Ozzy's performance to trade?

I saw - and taped- only Ozzy's portion of the 'VH1 Rock Honors'. Ozzy ROCKED. I'm so proud of him. He was in fine vocal shape and being sober for three years really suits him. "I Don't Wanna Stop" sounded even better live than it does on 'Black Rain'. And Blasko really is a fit musician-wise. He looks great up there with Mike Bordin,Zakk and Ozzy.. Very tight band. Queens Of The Stone Age did an ace job with "Paranoid" as well.
Ozzy's singing better live than perhaps he ever has as a solo artist. As a lifelong fan of his, I am so proud of him. Keep going Ozz. Be like The Rolling Stones. Keep goin' til you're a 100! You can never rule out Ozzy-ever! The guy has gone through so much and still keeps bouncing back with that ever-enthusiastic grin and smile on his face. Bless to that! Great live segment with Ozzy and the guys last night. It's a fine endorsement about how worthwhile it will be to bag some Ozzfest '07 tickets with this new set-up they have going. Rock on Ozzy!

Yeah, he did sound great.. I thought it was lame they only aired 2 songs.. Last year I am pretty sure they showed 3 songs from everyone...

Queens of the Stone Age sucked ass...

kicked ass
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I watched the performance of Bark at the Moon at the VH1 website and it's a shame they didn't air it instead of (or in addition to) Crazy Train. I thought Bark kicked the most ass of the three songs they played.