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They're ALL Great and that's a testament to Ozzy's knack for selecting guitar talent.

You can never touch the stuff he did with Randy. I'm not saying that because Randy is no longer here with us. The material he did with Ozzy remains the most elaborate, layered and beautiful stuff Ozzy has done solo. The chemistry in the studio between Ozzy,Randy,Bob Daisley and Lee Kerslake was truly,truly magical.
Jake E. Lee was just so cool! He played a Strat (unlike Randy) and really had a terrific stage presence and did good by Ozzy when he was in the band. Plus, he came up with some awesome riffs, such as the one for "Bark At The Moon". Even the stuff he did with his subsequent band Badlands was ace..
Zakk has going for him many things: a genuine affection and respect for not only what Randy and Jake contributed with Ozzy, but also a love of Tony Iommi's playing, to boot. Zakk rocks. I guess my order of faves would go Randy,Zakk then Jake.