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Black Illusion is THE s***tiest song ever committed to an Ozzy record. To this day, I skip right from "Running Out Of Time" to "Can You Hear Them?" (Not to keen on "Alive" either).

Black Illusion: 4 co-writes on a song that sounds like nausea with guitars but not in a good way. Horrible,horrible song. That's for me the worst thing Ozz has ever recorded on a solo album. Why it made the cut, I have no idea.

Easy for me to say as I haven't written any songs, so I say that with from a place of all due-respect.

Goodbye To Romance?
My Little Man?

HELL NO! GREAT Songs! Ozzmosis rocks but I do skip over "Tomorrow" and "Denial". They sound too much alike and just kind of ... I don't know. Whatever. Another a**hole (me) /another opinion! ;)