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I'm 35 years old. Been listening to Ozzy since I heard "Crazy Train" from Tribute in 1987. I'm a big fan of hard rock music. Mostly what would be called 80's. I collect b-sides and rarities from most hard rock artist of that time. Ozzy is by far my favorite. I took the day off work when "Black Rain" came out and listened to it all day. I think it's hi best work since "No More Tears". I think he and Zack both sound amazing still. I have a room in my house that is mine that is full of all my memorabila I've collected over the years, my cd collection and my stereo.

When I took the day off for the new album a few people askd me what I was doing that day. I told them they'd laugh if I told them. When I did tell them I'd get a few strange looks like "Aren't you too old for that". I enjoyed the day very much and was able to paly the album at the proper volume until my wife came home from work.