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Ozzy's new website - Sony style

Like the crappy CD packaging, I don't know how much Ozzy's involved with the website but still, what's the deal with the corporate crap? Doesn't Sony make enough money? Didn't they make enough by selling us Ozzy's new CD wrapped in a paper sack? Why are their yellowpages and google ads on Ozzy's site?

And where are pics and details from previous albums? Where's a real bio? Ozzy.com is nothing but a tool to sell Black Rain. If you click on "music," it's mainly a bunch of "Black Rain" reviews. If you click on "videos," you have to make your own! WTF! Why can't Sony put up old vids or post better history from other albums? Don't get me wrong, I love Black Rain -- the album rocks -- but what is Sony doing to the Ozzman? I think an artist's website should be their own--a vehicle to communitcate with fans. Down with corporate shilling!

Who's with me?


So right. I got many complaints about this site. Too many ads, loading too slow, notpm possible in the forum, can't see how many clicks a post has, no moderators and a lot more. Don't trust the picture upload.
And where's the stuff of the old site. The reviews the fanpictures.

I don't think Ozzy and Sharon has a lot to do with their websites. Sharon's own is hardly updated as well. I don't think they realize how important such a site can be. Probably that's because they're not, how can I put it: Computer generation :-)

Anyway, normally not the artists fansites are the best but the fan websites like ozzyhead was for Ozzy.

Someone else?
Maybe we can get a few things changed here!