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Ozzy Forum Newbie

Hey dudes & dudets. Ozzy fan here. Hello to all and to all a great life!



Hello from Indiana Ozzy rulzz

hi... i'm new. i need help with how to post pictures and crap like that. can anyone help? you can email me at ginger_fish_99@yahoo.com. thanx.

Not really Sincere,

Did you come to stare or wash away the blood?

howdy from connecticut.

Nice short and sweet, man. I'm Katie and hello from freakin' Kentucky.

how do you communicate with others, and Damn i got tickets to the WA. Goerge ozzfest, can i come in a wheel chair? back surgery number 4------ Ozzmeister u freakin ROCK---i am a perma-fan!!!!!!love ya--ap/andrea


Hey, I'm Lara. Welcome from Kansas