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Ozzy Forum Newbie

Hey dudes & dudets. Ozzy fan here. Hello to all and to all a great life!



howdy from connecticut.

Nice short and sweet, man. I'm Katie and hello from freakin' Kentucky.

how do you communicate with others, and Damn i got tickets to the WA. Goerge ozzfest, can i come in a wheel chair? back surgery number 4------ Ozzmeister u freakin ROCK---i am a perma-fan!!!!!!love ya--ap/andrea


Hey, I'm Lara. Welcome from Kansas

Hello from Indiana Ozzy rulzz

hi... i'm new. i need help with how to post pictures and crap like that. can anyone help? you can email me at ginger_fish_99@yahoo.com. thanx.

Not really Sincere,

Did you come to stare or wash away the blood?