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hey i think there should be a part of this site dedicated to randy!!!!


I agree if it wasn't for Randy we wouldn't have ozzy!

absolutely, Randy Rhoads deserve own topic.

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Yes, I definitely agree! Randy Rhoads is one of the greatest guitarists ever, and he also was a big help to Ozzy!

Randy Rhoads is my idle and he should be worshipped by every one

R.I.P Randy Rhoads

Randy Rhoads was an extremely talented guitarist and was Ozzy's best friend. Ozzy never still has not got over Randy's death. So yeah Randy definatly deserves his own thread on here.

I agree Randy was my inspiration to pick up guitar.Hands down the best guitarist to ever walk the face of the earth.

Yes, Randy Rhoads is the best guitarist of all time and my absolute hero. However I believe he doesn't get the respect he deserves. He was # 85 on the 100 greatest gutarists of all time list on rolling stone magazine. He should have done way better. I think he's #1 but he could have easily made top twenty.

im going to catch hell for this. RANDY WAS the greatest. no doubt he saved ozzy in more ways than one. but what about ZAKK WYLDE. do you know how hard it is to live in someones shadow. not only does he get overlooked because he is ozzy gutiarist but with every one comparing him to randy. zakk also saved ozzy and i think alot of people overlook him. ZAKK IS NOW THE GREATEST living, dead or in between.

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very true! Now Zakk is Greatest

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Randy Rhoads completely changed my life as well as many others but he was an artist. Comparing and saying who is the best is silly in my opinion. I can't speak for Zakk but I would guess he would agree. Zakk Wylde is also an extreamly talented artist and I think has filled the position of Ozzy's lead guitarist with great honor. I can't imagine what kind of bitter sweet role that is to play. I agree Randy should have a spot here....just due to demand.


I was actually lucky enough to see the chemistry between Ozzy&Randy live just a month before Randy's life was cut short. To not make mention of a great guitar virtuoso, as well as the great inspiration he was to so many people who would not have found there way to a guitar would be a tremendous, shall I say travesty. I would like to thank the both of them for many years of musical pleasure. I am eternally greatful for the years of the many smiles that have come across my face when I have been drivin in the car and a blast from the past comes across the radio. The memories from my time at concerts or partying with friends no doubt have to in someway be linked to these 2 peoples contribution to the musical industry. OZZY & RANDY FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BLAKEFARLEY, I share you're sentiments exactly.Randy Rhoads captured my Heart and Soul years ago. I've had the opportunity at the Jimmy Kimmel show to see Ozzy at the closest ever. I was no more than 20 feet away from OZZY and I must give ZAKK some recognition because he tears up some major s***. RANDY LIVES!!!!!!! and OZZY RULES!!!!!!!!!!

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I agree 100% with ya! Randy should have his own little dedication of sorts here, for all to pay homage to him...Maybe it will happen sometime in the near future, lets hope so at the very least.