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Trade: My Ozzy/Sabbath audio bootleg shows

alot of ppl lately have been asking me what do i have for full Ozzy and Sabbath bootleg shows
here is what i have for Ozzy/Sabbath FULL audio bootlegs on my computer:


Live in Witchita, Kansas 1971 ....46mins.

Live at The Filmore in San Francisco 197?....1hr.

"Live At Last" show 1973....57mins.


"Blizzard's First Show" Live in Glasgow, Scotland 1980...53mins.

Live in Montreal 1981...51mins.

Live in Rochester, NY 4-29-81(includes bonus interview w Ozz and a radio promo)...1hr&13mins

Live in Oakland, CA 7-4-81.....1hr.

Live in Minneapolis 1982....1hr&7mins.

Live at Wings Stadium in Kalamazoo, MI 2-9-82...1hr&5mins.

"Hell On Earth" Live in Karlsruhe, Germany 1-9-84...1hr&5mins

"Going Crazy" Live in Kansas City, MO 198?(GREAT SHOW includes Shot in the Dark and Killer Of Giants).....58mins.

"Let The Madness Begin" Live in Chile 1995(includes I Just Want You)...1hr&13mins

"Beast In THe Darkness" 1983(Great Show..very different sound..includes Rock&Roll Rebel and Journey To The Centre of Eternity w a very cool but different intro)

"Tears Of The Sinner"(authenticity questioned) still good songs on it

those are my full audio bootlegs...i am always looking to trade..if ya have something i dont let me know...i will trade bootlegs for other bootlegs, mp3's, video..and vice versa


Just added Ozzy live in Autwerpen...May 23, 2002 thanks to ozzy15000!!

ozzy15000, im interested in 1989 March 2 Budokon, Japan – 96:47. Let me know if you want to trade. I Have a big list and i can't post it here because there is a limit of 500 or 1000 words of something like that. Let me know if you are interested.

He ThunderUnderground, send me your list at I'm always interested in Ozzy stuff I don't have.

Ozzy15000 and others, if interested in my bootlegs, go see my website. I didnt do any updates on my website since last december cause i don't have any free time but most of my stuff is there.

Yeah ThunderUnderground...i am VERY interested in your Ozzy remixes...let me know if there is anything from my list u dont have

sorry those last 2 shows are 1hr&20mins and 1hr.&10mins in length

Here's a list of my shows. I'm willing to trade for shows I don't have.

1980 Oct 22 Live At The Chelmsford – 53:14
1981 July 28 Montreal, Canada – 55:27
1981 Aug Dallas, TX – 43:41
1982 Feb Los Angeles, CA – 58:37
1982 April 28 Memphis, TN – 74:50
1982 June 12 Irvine Meadows, CA – 70:05
1983 Live US Tour – 18:33
1984 Live US Tour – 11:19
1984 March 18 Salt Lake City, UT – 74:16
1986 Live US tour – 10:26
1986 Aug 16 Donington Park, UK – 48:46
1986 Aug 24 Kansas City – 50:04
1989 March 2 Budokon, Japan – 96:47
1989 June 4 Philadelphia – 69:56
1995 Sept 8 Santiago, Brazil – 72:33
1995 September, 10 Ferro – 76:37
1995 Sept 12 Obras Buenos Aires, Argentina – 75:19
1996 March 12 Osaka, Japan – 68:42
1996 April 13 Phoenix, AZ – 92:22
1996 April Glasgow – 34:16
1996 Aug 17 Donington, UK – “I Just Want You” – 4:23
1998 Feb 15 Budokon, Japan – 94:45
1998 Feb 28 Osaka Festival Hall, Japan – 84:41
1999 Jan 6 LA Forum – 67:50 – Black Sabbath
2000 July 22 Camden, New Jersey – 65:51 – has “Diary of a Madman” full
2000 Sept 2 Blockbuster Pavilion, San Bernadino – 45:11
2001 July 13 West Palm Beach – 78:03 – Black Sabbath – has “Scary Dreams”
2002 May 23 Autwerpen – 78:25

what are the set lists for the Austerpen show? and the 1986 show in Donnigton? thanks

btw if u are interested in getting any of the bootlegs i listed email me at: or send me a message at or both are mine....they really need to set it up on this site so we can PM eachother