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"I paid way to much for this crap. It comes in a brown napkin and I don't even get liner notes? Two tickets to a free concert! What a deal. I'm sure Ozzy doesn't read this stuff so I will vent on him. I have bought every album to date. The last two were mediocre at best. I vowed I would not buy the next. I went back on my word and gave Ozz the benefit of the doubt. I got to the store to buy the new one and it is packaged in a paper sleeve! I felt like an idiot paying $15 for what amounts to an EP. We wait this long for a new album and you give us this packaging? What about those fans who don't have a computer or internet access? They can't come here and read your words. Un-mother-grabbin' believable. Remember we got your where you are today.

Ozzy Ruled."

wow. is that all you have to b**** about is the f***ing packaging? if that's it then you should probably keep your mouth shut from now on. have listened to the album or were to busy PMSing over the package. This is some awesome work from the Ozzman. The album has intelligent lyrics and and brilliant guitar work from zakk wylde so why don't you focus on the music and not on the packaging.