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I Don't Wanna Stop

The official theme song for WWE Judgment Day is Ozzy Osbourne's "I Don't Wanna Stop."


awesome!!! the ozzman is also gonna perform the song on Smackdown. i can't wait.



<cite>"Being sober on a bus is, like, totally different than being drunk on a bus."</cite> - <strong>Ozzy Osbourne</strong>

Realy?!! Thats awsome! Its a great song!
Let the madness begin!

Is that true fact? If so that is cool s*** man.

No easy way out!

Ozzy does it again with a awesome hit.
The Hound!

Live For The Day!

Bout time the WWE had an ICON of Metal do the official tuneage for their s***..outside Zakk doin' Austin's entrance Music it's the only s*** they have that is any good..music wise.
S.D.M.F. Pariah (Calgary Chapter)

This song makes an old Ozzy fan very happy!

Maybe we can now put that TV show behind us....

Let the madness begin ~ I Don't Wanna Stop!

very nice - first time hearing it, I thought he was happy, music is his life and he don't want to stop!

This song is awesome. It sounds a lot like older Ozzy music which is F**king great. AND you can dance to it!! Love you Ozzy!!

Thats f***ing wicked Ozzy Is God!!! motorheads The Game was a good song for triple H

"Don't Know What I'm Doin' But I Don't Wanna Stop" Sound like my motto for life - I never know what I'm doin'

This new song seems to be an instant hit for Ozzy. Is that so surprising though? Seems like everything the man touches or has a hand in turns into a gold mine. I think it's great that WWE chose to use Ozzy's new material, especially since I keep bringing him up in phone calls to The Undertaker. What a pairing!! Ozzy claims to be The Prince of Darkness, and Undertaker used to claim to be The Lord of Darkness. Put them together and it fits: neither one seems to want to stop!! Thank God for that!!

gene simons may be the rock god but ozzy is the god of music. this song kicks ass who else could go to the top of the charts befor the record is in stores?

Ozzy the man, The myth, The Legend!
My rock & roll hero!
Keep up the great work! & Thanx for all the years of listening pleasure!

awesome!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait till 11/9 its not often ozzy comes to MT