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japanese import

just got my cd version from japan quick shipping from cdjapan. ozzy sounds awesome the 2 songs on it are very good. i'm glad i bought both versions.


I plan on ordering this next week. Is the service from cdjapan good? I have never heard anything bad about them.

why bonus songs did the japanese version come with? cuz im still looking to trade for I Cant Save you

Are you asking "why" did they get bonus tracks? Or are you asking which songs did they get?

The bonus songs on the Japanese version are:

Here is a link:

It's only about $20 USD and it comes with full booklet (including the killer artwork that was originally revealed for the USA release that never happened).

yeah i was asking what songs...thanks...i knew there were 3 total bonus song so far: Cant Save You, Nightmare, and Love To Hate(all rock!!!) just didnt know which came w the japanese edition

s***, i ordered mine from amazon. paid $35 bucks and still don't have it.

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Yeah, Amazon takes a while sometimes. If you want it faster always go with cdjapan or cdinzane.

yes cdjapan is fast s***! i can't save you is a killer tune