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I could be wrong, but -for some reason- "11" is a number that crops up even with crackheads. I've been swindled by dirtbags for $11.00 twice, who claimed it was for a "prescription". The one scrounge even offered to give me his falso teeth as collateral. I should've kept them! ;)
"11" for $11.00 maybe, and "silver" for either slang for crystal meth, or maybe yet- "silver" for a methhead having to scrounge loose change to pay for their fix.
Sounds kosher!

I always love it when Ozz has these titles with an in-code to them, like as someone said, "S.A.T.O.","A.V.H."...

I read a Lee Kerslake interview not too long ago where he debunked the myth that 'S.A.T.O.' was an abbreviation for "sailing about the ocean". According to him, it was about the love quadrangle between Ozzy and his ex-wife Thelma and Sharon with her then-boyfriend Adrian. So you get Sharon,Adrian,Thelma,Ozzy = "S.A.T.O.". Doesn't "A.V.H." stand for "Alcohol,Valium,Hash"? That's what I read once. Who knows?

Cool tunes tho' ;) !