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Here's a tracklist:
1) Bark at the Moon
2) Mr. Crowley
3) Not Going Away
4) Believer
5) Road to Nowhere
6) Suicide solution (with Zakk's long and great solo)
7) I Don't Know
8) Here For You
9) I Don't Wanna Change the World
10) Mama, I'm Coming Home
11) Crazy Train
12) Paranoid

I'll upload photos in a couple of days, and, if someone's interested in video, email me (tequila (at) europe dot com). The video is ok, but the sound... hmm.... "for true fans only" :)))
Well, now some impressions about yesterday's concert. The sound was s***ty. Total crap)) And it was much more quiet, than the usual sound, that we all got used to have at such concerts. Though Ozzy is still kickin'))) He was really good on the stage.
Anyway, the concert was great in spite of the really poor sound. I hope that Oz will come to us with his opera about Rasputin very soon. BTW, does anyone know, when he is planning to finish recording this opera? I've been told that more than a half of an album is already recorded for the moment. But it's still the unchecked information. Any new info 'bout this??
Regards, Olga