"Black Rain" = best charting Ozzy album in his career on Billboard | The Official Ozzy Osbourne Site

"Black Rain" = best charting Ozzy album in his caree...

"Ozzy Osbourne scores his best charting album ever with 'Black Rain'." According to Billboard.com, 152,000 units of "Black Rain" sold last week, just 1,000 shy of "Down to Earth" in its first week. Here is the exact link to this story.

I am so happy that Ozzy is getting recognized for this achievement. I personally love the album, and feel that it is his best work in last 10-15 years.



This one is MUCH better than DTE!

Thanks to OZZY....

I'm not sure how he's doing here in America so far but the guys I know all love the CD and I've been listening to it since I got it without changing it to another CD......Is one of his best ever.

Ozzy rules!!

That is great news. Well deserved.

hmm sadly he anint hiting the main stream in america. but i got it and its just as good as he use to be. hmm i would say his own all time high. but i thinks he still has a couple of better black sabbath songs. but love the new cd keep it up ozzy.

Ozzy is still in the U.S. top ten for a second week (now at # 10) and stays at # 6 on the Canadian charts.



Well done, OZZY!!!!

he's the man
Fix me!!!

If it wasn't for the damn codes that you can't get to work on Livenation, it wouldn't be...

Super album no question about that!!!!!!

very proud of ya OZZ....work like this deserves it!

Number 2 here in sweden. :)

Ozzy you did it again...
You rock , love Black Rain
Gatineau Quebec (Canada)
We love you

Number 2 here in Finland also 8)