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trying to get ahold of sharon

hey anyone on the official site - i have codes to be able to go to the camden nj show as an anniversary present for my hubby and i . we don't get to do things as a couple that often. but what i need to know is what are sharon's fav colors. i had a bet with my best friend that died two weeks ago and i am doing it. she bet me i wouldn't design something for sharon that i didn't have the guts, so thats what i want to do. i just want to make sure that sharon gets it and not someone else. so if someone with ozzy and get ahold of me and let me know how to do this that would be great. its something i want to do to thank her for her help for cancer research. thats what my friend died from. and my daughter who is 9 loves her dogs and we use to watch sharon's show together and i was going to to it then but then the show went off the air. so please ask sharon if she will let me do this to work over losing my best friend and i know i lost the bet but this helps losing her.thanks again. i have been trying to get ahold on her over on her my space plus even on ozzy;s my space so i thought next i would post here. thanks my web addy is - penny and rusty weir


Totally admirable. You're heart is in the right place. Trust in who you are and may this be good enough. Good Luck. OZZY RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LadyArtemis I totally agree with you. Let's help even the people that are pissing us off. It is a good feeling to walk away from the negtivity in life. God knows life is too short for that. Look at Ozz and Tony. Boy did that take a long time or what?


Goodbye To Romance

I am starting to get really tired of this black and red Ozzy, Sharon who-ever is running this. Please tell me there are more options. ;)
Goodbye To Romance

Have you tried the site ???? Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks lady artemis - i posted a request over on her official site with the gray background that has her diary so hopefully she will read it, thanks for your help. - penny weir

Glad I may have been of some assistance...... I follow the Osbourne Law...... of Helping one another out!!!!!

hey lady artemis - thanks for helping , i left her a message over from my space page with a invite to reply.and even went over to her diary and posted their too. but now all i can do is wait. lol. - thanks - penny
and hope that someone who knows her reads this and lets her know. lol that would be one for the angels, lol

Just read your reply, and you are quite welcome......the angels must've told me it was time to check this site again !!!! LOL. Any luck???? Actually the computer was having issues for the past couple of days, so I couldn't do nothing on it computers, sometimes LOL.... Why not just do as we are doing as I have limited time in the day to check things out on the computer.....cause this site has me addicted to it anyhow, so most all my computer time is logging into this site.... other than paying bills !!!! So do you want to chat back and forth under this forum " Trying to get ahold of Sharon" ???? I'll check in later and find out your reply!!!! Take Care Penny!!!! *smile* Chris.

Why *DO* I idolize Sharon Osbourne SO MUCH? The world knows her as "Ozzy's Wife," but...
this GIRL POWER ICON is my MENTOR & HERO! Read more below & forward this "BE A HERO" BLOG!

and Saves a Young Girl from being Scared for Life

by Lynn JULIAN aKa Cookie Cutter Girl POP SUPERHERO! &

Sharon Osbourne, famous for saving Osbourne from himself by marrying his butt and keeping him sober, has saved yet another life: a 9 year old girl auditioning for "America's Got Talent." The star of the hit TV show, "The Osbournes," showed the TV world how she earned her reputation of being fearless by calling her fellow judge, Piers Morgan, "Shameless" and storming off the set in the middle of the show.

Mr. Morgan had just judged a 9 year old girl's cheerleading routine unworthy of "America's Got Talent," adding that her mother pushed her to be here, not because of her talent, but because she wants the a Million dollar prize. The confident, beautiful child didn't miss a beat in correcting him by stating calmly, "She didn't push me. She helped me." Piers continued on with his judgement of the Mom, who was now on stage with her daughter so she could defend herself, undeterred by the little girl's confidence in her mother.

Sharon Osbourne, who has NEVER been known for holding her peace, made NO exceptions for Piers Morgan, and immediately called his personal attack "Shameless." When Piers refused to back down, Sharon showed her GIRL POWER by storming off the stage and refusing to come back out. She returned ONLY when informed that the pre-teen and her Mom were still on the stage waiting for her score for the girl's performance. Knowing she'd left the pair unprotected, Sharon put the little girl's needs before her own, took a few deep breaths and returned to the judges panel.

If Piers thought she came back to apologize, he was in for a big surprise, as Mrs. Osbourne gave him an earful on parenting, manners & good taste. THIS is why Sharon Osbourne is *my* Girl Power idol, mentor and hero. Here stands a women who fearlessly speaks her mind, outnumbered by men, in the face of judgement & job loss, without missing a beat. In Piers defense, he was actually moved, by Sharon's strength, to apologize to the girl and leave her with an invitation to come back next year. Again she shined brightly, as the young performer retorted, "Don't worry, I will be."

This Pop Superhero truly hope that sweet 9 year old girl remembers the powerful woman who defended her on "America's Got Talent," and not the man who told her that Mommy's only in it for the money.

hey lady artemis - sure this is getting to be fun - i will add you to myspace - penny

ok lady lartemis - that sounds fine with me i also have msspace im if you ever download that sometimes with my meds i am up early in the morning but yes i will check back and forth here to talk, sounds fun. i made a friend, yeah. which concert are you going to, as you can see we are going to the camden nj one. somehow i will figure out what color to make for her for this afghan. it means alot to me and my best friend will probably haunt me to death ,lol until i get it done, i will just take it with an hope that she get it and not someone else. - ttyl - penny

I believe I have watched and heard every interview she has ever done, and have them all on video tapes!!!!! And from what I've seen and heard her say in her answers to interviewers, and family members etc... on the Osbournes, I would have to say her fave colours are black, red, and purple!!!!! And in that order!!!!!!!! Good Luck on the project!!!! P.S.- Was just getting a pic of it in my mind, and seeing it all black, with deep dark red S and O's in the pattern.... her initials SO and maybe also the odd OZ, then you get SOOZ (so oz) , and that she is !!!! Both their colours, too!!!

hey lady artmenis - thanks for the color thing now i can get to designing, yeah. i just had back surgrey on wed and this will give me something new to work on. if you go over to myspace you can see some of the capes that i have designed. the little girl is rusty and the oldest is my oldest . she is awesome. she's the one who is going to watch rusty will we go to the concert, rusty is high functioning austisic. so i am choosey about who i leave her with. but the past four years have been rough with hubby being in and out of the hospital. so this will be our first offical date, a free concert, but it will be great. am trying to get our tickets tonite. i bought the cd for korey as an anniversary present and this way we have seats since i have to use a cane, god know for how long,lol but when i finish the afghan i will send you a pic of it, you don't know how much help you have been. i am going to try and add you to myspace friends so we can keep in touch. please my comments or just come visit i check there off and on all day. thanks again - penny

I 'm glad you liked my suggestion on the colour scheme..... I can almost see it wrapped around them both... or at least fighting over it, being both their fave colours!!!!! LOL After all that's what being married does.... fighting over the blanket thing LOL!!!!!!!!!!! I went over to my space, and typed in your e-mail address and all it took me to was one pic of your little one sitting behind a table.... I couldn't get to any other pics of your family, or the wraps you've already made for a look-see. Is there some trick to that site or what???? I clicked on different things but nothing happened!! Could you help me out here so I can see what you are talking about???? I'm feeling very stupid about it.... but then again, I was not schooled in computers like my daughters, that are now 20 and 21, and have moved out and on with the knowledge I got off them, but needless to say, have forgotten..... or can't remember..... too many drugs and partying in my teens and 20's, like Ozzy!!!! LOLOL... Because I probably need a step by step instruction on how to do this, write the message to me at Thanks!!!! Hope you are feeling better !!!!! Take Care!! TTYS

You know what? Sharon is one that has dignity. She doesn't hide behind a computer screen like other stupid f***ing people do. I know these women from this site and they think that because they are into a "rescue mode" to save horses that they are better than everyone else. Well they put down not only Sharon but Ozzy multiple times... Bashing bashing bashing. Knowing Sharon, well I am not going there. I only wish that more women were like her. She has her s*** together. To deal with Ozz for all of these years? My God one would have to be a genius. I for the life of me cannot understand how stupid people are. Talking and bashing a woman they don't even know and never will. It is the most f***ing childesh thing I have ever encountered in my whole time on the Internet. There I feel better now................ HI Sharon........ :-)

ok - here's the lastest update on the afghan, it's started, yeah. but i kinda had to put it on hold as my things are really starting to sell and i have a space in a store that will sell my things. yeah. but also has me in a panic making sure i have enough things to fit in the space. which i will. but have finished atleast the design of sharon's afghan, black background with red and purple roses in the middle and then red and purple intertwined cords around the outside. when i have it done i will post a pic to you lady artemis. i will definetly have it done before the concert. wish you were going to camden, which show are you going to. ttyl - penny