I really hope this board | The Official Ozzy Osbourne Site

I really hope this board

does well.. i hate never having a place to chat about Ozzy.

i think it will



wonder if it will start hopping again because of Ozzfest 2010? i added Ozzfest as a friend on Myspace, woo hoo! They already have the 2010 graphic up there.

Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy!


for those abvout to rock......

i'm new, hope this forum all the best! :-)

for those abvout to rock......

thats very cool, now i can see all replies.. :) this is sure great board

Ehh, honestly I don't like the way this board is set up at all. As a matter of fact the navigation totally sucks. The Ozzy board over at the Ozzfest forums( Ozzfest.com ) is much better. Even though nobody really posts on it.

the ozzfest board has tons more people and is a much better forum. check it out <a href="http://forums.ozzfest.com">here</a>.

I am having some trouble navigating, but over all like it.
Ciao, Nette

I hope so too. Ozzy deserves a real message board.

Hopefully this will be the the place to post reviews and photos of the new tour.

I would love to see the collected pictures and wallpapers from the old ozzy fansite up again. Although this site was dead, there was already a great collection up there. I especially loved the magazine covers from all over the world.

I'll second that Axeman!

Finally somewhere to chill and chat about the Godfather of Rock!

Heaven is for heroes
And hell is full of fools
Stupidity, no will to live
They're breaking God's own rules

I hear that.

Wayne's world, Party on, excellent!