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No More, No More Tears

Does anyone know why Ozzy has already dropped No More Tears from the set list? He did not replace it with anything.


I'm sure because length, not sure but that'd be my guess

His sets are not as long as they used to be anymore.....I like Mama I'm coming home and Road to nowhere better anyway.

Ozzy rules!!

Ive seen him perform that song several times, and not once did it sound good im sad to say. It´s a "studio" song, the vocals are way too high up for him to pull it off live nowadays.

I just wish he would replace it with something else.
Bombs Away!!!

he will play it on and off again, and if you havent seen live at budokan, no more tears there is incredibly awesome


Mama I'm coming Home and Road to Nowhere suck ass... He better not play them BOTH in the same show...

its strange, he didnt have no more tears on the set list at ozzfest 2006 but i heard that he had it on his list for the european tour with black label.

i love Road To Nowehre and especially Mama Im COming of my fav Ozzy songs