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Set List Getting Predictable :/

The set list of many classic hard-rock acts, is getting predictable, it's always the same old dozen classic songs plus a couple from whatever latest album the band has at the moment, Ozzy's set is not an exception.

It would be great to hear some of the songs which we've never heard live or haven't been played for a while. We didn't have the Down To Earth Tour here in the UK, so i would start by naming "Gets Me Through" and one of the best Ozzy (Zakk) riffs ever "That I Never Had". Then "Miracle Man", that was how we all were introduced to Zakk man! Another killer riff! Come On! That should be a must on every Ozzy set. And finally it would be nice to hear "Diary Of A Madman", "Perry Mason" and "The Ultimate Sin".

The set should be at least 18 songs including at least 1 song from every album Ozzy has ever recorded.

Anybody Agree?? :/


i take that back, he hasnt done diary of a madman since he was with randy rhoads (R.I.P) that was one of his best songs, it should definatly be on the list

I think DOAM was played a handful of gigs with Jake and Zakk. I'd have the info but is down

Ozzy needs to first make a set list of must-play songs, then he can edit the set list with songs that dont need to be there the whole time and replace them and stuff like
must play: crazy train, mr.crowley, suicide solution, no more tears mama im coming home, bark at the moon, miracle man, I dont want to change the world, perry mason, not going away or i dont wanna stop

exchangeable songs: bloodbath in paradise, flying high again, gets me through, believer, desire, i dont know, shot in the dark, road to nowhere, some songs of black rain , basically the stuff he would play when he promotes the album of the song


To who mentioned the song "Diary Of A Madman" not being played live since Randy,or that Jake and Zakk played it live.

Not to my knowledge. Not even with Randy; it was a stage-opening-intro of the album cut for the 'DOAM' tour. Jake's played "Flying High Again" and "Believer" , as has Zakk.

HOWEVER: back in 2000 for that year's 'Ozzfest', Ozzy DID in fact play "Diary Of A Madman", with Joe Holmes on guitar. I saw that in Saratoga Springs, NY. It was rather good. Ozz had some trouble with the high notes, but otherwise he sang it great.

In fact, "Diary Of A Madman" was played for most of that summer's 'Ozzfest' in 2000 , judging by the setlists I've seen for that time period.

What I don't get is, Why TF is Ozzy NOT playing "I Don't Wanna Stop" on this new tour? It's the first single,for f***'s sake! Play it and get on with it ;) .

I clearly remember seeing DOAM available with Jake or Zakk when I was buying some boots at

I wouldn't mind seeing a list like this for 2007...

Bark at the Moon
Waiting for Darkness
Crazy Train
Steal Away
You Can't Kill Rock
Lightning Strikes
Never Know Why
Miracle Man
Crazy babies
Perry Mason
Black Illusion
I Don't Want to Stop
Black Rain
Children of the Grave

Then these songs could be rotated in from time to time:

Flying High
Waiting for Darkness
Facing Hell
Shot in the Dark
Almighty Dollar
Trap Door

Stop whinging about the playlist, will you! Just be grateful you're getting to see him at all. If you're fed up hearing the same songs then don't go & leave tickets for those of us who haven't had the good fortune to see him before - due to things like cashflow, family commitments, geography etc. We're not all as lucky as some of you!!!
I will be there at Brum enjoying every second of the performance whatever is played, after driving for 500 miles . Yes I wish I'd been able to see him before but "better late than never"!

well put diaryofamadman!!! thats the only thing i hate about these Ozzy forums...just like the old ones, a good percent of the ppl on them just b**** and whine about Ozzy....if thats all ur gonna do why are u on an OZZY FAN SITE??!!?? this will be the first year i've gotten to see Ozzy, and i don't give a f*** if he does an hour of Madonna and Cher covers(id rather he not) but the point is im just grateful im going to see him, FINALLY!!!

If its not for the critical fans Ozzy won't know what the people like, and instead of being a mindless zombie who would give Ozzy a BJ, some fans expect more from this great musician

if he feels like playing the good old ones, i think we should let him.
stop b****ing about divercity and s***, just enjoy it while you can.
after all the man is, sadly, living on borrowed time.
Fix me!!!

and he should be making the most out of it

Oh grow up OjZoZhYn12.03.48!!! Who you calling a mindless zombie?! I'm not interested in any "I'm a bigger fan than you are" crap. We all love Ozzy & his music, we will all have differing opinions on what we would & would not like to hear. Whatever he plays there will always be people who say he should of played something else. Just enjoy the bloody concert & get over yourself!

no, i dont...that is your opinion. and if you noticed I posted a thread "Wanna Know Ozzy's Set List for 2007? I Got It. and it includes the set list Ozzy played in Moscow just last was not as predictable as even I thought. He did not start with I DOn't Know, He opened with Bark At THe Moon which he hasn't done in a little while. The it went(in order: Mr. Crowley, Not GOing Away, Flying High, Road To Nowhere, Suicide Solution, I DOn't Know, Here FOr You, No More Tears, I DOnt Want TO Change The World, Mama Im Coming Home, Crazy Train, and Paranoid

ya know alot of the songs are still the same but he mixed up the order a bit...c'mon he's almost 60, when ya get older ya like routines. When I see Ozzy i am going to be grateful just to see and hear him, I will not b**** and complain about him, because I have been looking forward to seeing him almost all my life and now this summer I finally am. So no personally I do not agree

"Whatever he plays there will always be people who say he should of played something else"

Of course he can't please everyone in one tour but he could certainly please more people if he would very his set more. Right now he has the time to perform more of his great music. It will be a big shame if that when he is gone people say things like, "I wish he played *song title* more/" or "just once I wish I could have heard Ozzy play..."

Yeah, I think Ozzy just needs a really good reminder about some of the kickass songs he has done.

I agree that the setlist is boring and that is why it isn't a high priority to see Ozzy ever time he comes around anymore.. Who gives a s*** if he switches the order?? It is still the same songs.. Give Mama Im Coming Home and Road To Nowhere a rest.. Those ballads dont stand the test of time.. How about

Miracle Man
Crazy Babies
The Ultimate Sin
Breaking All The Rules

Not to mention something different from Sabbath besides Paranoid, Pigs and Iron Man..

he hasn't done dairy of a madman in years whats up with that?