Looking for a ride from Vancouver, BC to WA shows :)

Is anyone else going? Well I guess it all depends on whether we get tix or not, but I'm definatly going to be online at the right time. So anyone want someone to pay half your gass $$ <g>.



Hey Buddy, i just got my tickets for the Gorge Show on the 14th, and i'm going with a buddy, so if you want to hook up and split the gas email me at captain69canuck@hotmail.com.

Be forwarned though, i'm going up Friday Afternoon and we're camping at the Wild Horse Campground down the road form the Gorge.

Hope you got your Tix!!


Got mine for the White RIver Amp,... but I got 2 tix, so if there is somoene who couldn't get one and would like to swap a ride down and back. (I'm hopin)