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Hey you guys... I need help... Ozzy is being bashed in a big way. He is being bashed by this group called the Fans of Barbaro. He was a racehorse. In a site called Tim Woodly race horses I tried to talk about Ozzy. I got bashed, Ozzy got bashed and I need for Ozzy fans to stick up for the Ozzman. I will post a link and tell you guys where to go. This is total f****** bulls***. This is what was said about Ozzy and I am really really mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to get this too Ozz and Sharon and this has to stop. This is only ONE negative comment and these people have no right talking about Ozz this way. Get it out there you guys......... Luv you all..........

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It's one thing to write lyrics, and another thing to live a healthy, spiritually balanced lifestyle. Ozzy is completely unbalanced; he bit the head off a dove right in front of the record executive of the record company that released his first solo album. What a fine example of humanity that was for someone who continues to struggle with lifetime addictions.

Tell me, does this "genius" show any gratitude by donating his time to any charities, or is he all about himself, as evidenced by that now defunct TV show of him and his family and their "balanced" so-called lifestyle at home in England?

I can think of alot better role models for our kids to follow than some "sicky" like Ozzy.