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bonus tracks

i've heard i can't save you and nightmare but not love to hate. anyone have the lyrics or have actually heard it? the former 2 are really good. oz sounds alot like his sab days and when that s*** is going down who the hell cares who plays guitar.


I've heard Love To Hate. It's a good song. The only way to get this song is with the Itunes version of the album or if you are lucky enough to get it from "The Black Rain Sessions". Black Rain Sessions was a radio show on May 18 so i heard the song 4 days before the album was released. I was lucky to hear Nightmare, I Can't Save You and Love To Hate on that radio show.

I have all three of these tracks and I think they all kick ass. "Nightmare" is one of my favorite songs out all 13 Black Rain tracks.

Has anybody heard anything about any other bonus tracks besides these three?