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Ozzy said album price should be 10 Dollars for 10 so...

On the press conference of the album relaease in London Ozzy said:
„In the USA it is 10 songs for 10 dollar. I think that’s fair.“ –
„We recorded 14 songs. I don’t know when and in which country and in which format unused songs will be released. It’s clear that I don’t take care of things like that. What for do I have a management. And now don’t tell me I’m married to my manager. Should we talk about in bed when the next maxi single in Japan will be released?“ (translated from a German magazine)

If it was meant to be like that than something must have gone wrong. As far as I read, you guys here payed more for the album than 10 Dollars. Maybe the planned price is the reason why the US got such a poor cover without anything. What do you think of this? And please don’t blame Sharon again. I would rather say 10 Dollars for ten songs is originally her idea.
Who do you think is making the big deal here?

BTW I payed 15 Euros for the album which is 20 Dollars, with jewel case and album artwork.


It is the industry. Plastic jewel cases and paper for the insert cost money that the record label usually pays.

I'm not buying that Ozzy had no idea that the U.S. cover for 'Black Rain' would be so cheap-looking. Somewhere in the mix obviously the cost-covering of the "free" 'Ozzfest' played into this. Mind you, it is a time of the iPod and no album covers or graphics.
There should've been two editions: one with a full cover and another with the cheap cover with the thingy for the 'Ozzfest' tickets. The day of release I kept looking for the "real" 'Black Rain' cover. After checking out two stores in the same mall, I did the math: That was The Cover..
I think tomorrow (6/8) the online thingy starts to get the 'Ozzfest' tickets. Wonder how much of a pain in the ass its gonna be going through that. We'll see. Think it starts at 9:00p.m. EST. Hm.