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CAn anyone tell me who all is going to be at ozzfest this year?


Only went to main stage...............About 6 PM LORDI, STATIC-X, Lamb of God, Ozzy was about 930 PM

Can anyone tell me how to see pics or vids of a friend (a fan, not a musician) who got to join Ozzy onstage today? Where are these lucky people featured?

I need info from someone who's been to Ozzfest before. I've seen OzzY live before, but it was before Ozzfest times.
If I don't want to be there all day and I just want to see OzzY, what time should I show up? . If I show up at 7pm can I still get in and get my reserved seat in the orchestra section?

Thanks in advance.

you can show up earlier if you want it just matters how much you can party! just get in!!!!!

Ditto. f*** these other egghead bands. I'll be damned if I'm going to sit in the heat all day listening to a bunch of noise. I'm too old for that s***.

What time does Ozzy typically hit the stage in these Ozzfest gigs? If I can't find out for sure, I'll just go in the early evening. Unfortunately, my buddy wants to witness that horrendously gay Lordi bulls***, so I may have to go earlier.

who is playing at ozzfest?

who is playing at ozzfest?