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Propose with Ozzy on Graspop (Belgium)

On the 24th of june Ozzy will be playing main act on the Graspop festival in Dessel, Belgium. I will be there!

But I also have a request to Mr Ozzy himself...

I might sound old-fashioned, but I want to propose to my girlfriend (and then engagement and that sort of stuff). Unfortunately, hard to get as she is, she want's something special and in an attempt to give me a hard time, she said that only if I could get "Ozzy Osbourne himself" summoning us both on stage for me to propose to her, she would think about it...
Now, what else can I do than asking. But how to reach Ozzy by mail, fax or phone???

Ozzy, if you somehow read this: can you let me know if you are willing to help me? And if you can't reach me, just ask in the crowd for anta and Arutha.
Thanks anyway!


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