Where do you go to use the album codes for June 8? I have codes for June 12... | The Official Ozzy Osbourne Site

Where do you go to use the album codes for June 8? I...

What website do you go to use the advanced ticket album codes for the June 8 ticket distribution? I also have codes for the June 12 distribution, and I know I'm supposed to go to my local amphitheater's web page to use those codes, but I don't think my local amphitheater will know what to do with the "sony" code included in the limited edition album. In fact, the people at my local box office told me to go to Ozzy's site, but I don't see anyplace here, either, to enter the code for a June 8 ticket distribution.

Can anybody help?



f*** if i know Roxanne....it should not be this hard should it? Maybe a scam?

go to ozzfest.com and there is a link there, or you can go straight to livenation.com/ozzfest

should work a bit better than it did last night, there was a TON of server traffic last night and ozzfest.com was down and it was a pain getting on livenation.com

good luck and enjoy the show!