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"I Love you all, I Love you more than life itself, but your all f***in' mad!!!" Ha Ha



You rock baby in all these years with all the music you've never ever given one song that I didn't love and as far as I can remember you are the only person I can truly say that about. Thank you for being you and for giving the world so much amazing music.
Keep on Keepin on man we love you very much.
Also give Sharron and the kids my love
Take care and God bless you all
All my love,

Hey Ozzy!I have been a fan since i was a kid!!You are my fav!Your voice is the ultimate rock voice!!No one comes close to you.You have brought tons to the rock side.My kids love you too!!My brother was in security for you in the Ozzfest about 3 years ago.He ate with you and some others.He said you were a cool dude!! Keep rocking!! Take Care! Dana

Well Ozzy you been around all my life and I think you crazy as hell but your such a sucksese but I think you are one strong man cause of all the s*** you' ve been though but I can't imagine wat life would be without people like you and I just want you to know that you made a big impacted on me and my way of life. Well I'll talk to you later. Bye =)
Jackie Bottoms

That you are coming to kansas city in Dec. with Rob!!! We loved your ozzfest show in St. Louis you f***ing rocked!!! I thought the crowd was not nearly rowdy enough!! You are an amazing artist!! Can't wait to see you!! Your fans Lisa Valenti and Clayton Boggs Black Rain rocks!

Ozzy is F@$#in God

You really rock man and you are ''f***IN'' crazy!!!!!!!! God Bless You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The show in Dallas, was great man but that does'nt surprise me since I 've been listening to your music it has always been awesom. Have a great weekend, And continue to rock!!! the only way you know how. Love you Oz Man...

Dont never stop you are the best singer in the whole world!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OZZY YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!