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CD Purchase Free Ticket Promo Code

WHAT A RIP OFF!!! - Once you attempt to log on to the site at the time given, suddenly you cannot access it!! Not just 1 person but a lot of people with all different ISP's. No problem logging in onto other sites, just not Don't waste your time or energy!! Even my ISP couldn't access it from their mainframe!


It took awhile but I was able to get 2 orchestra seats. Same thing with buddy mick, he was able to get 2 orch tickets also. I'm sure glad that I did not come up empty handed because OZZFEST has become an anual reunion and a ritual between me and my friends. SORRY to all the fans that were not able to get tickets.I can imagin how dissapointing this has got to be.


Oh Boy I can see disaster before it even hits the first show..... How in the hell are they going to keep track of all of this? They surly cannot "count" everyone going to the George for God sakes..... That place holds 80 thousand people.... Seattle???? Well a little smaller but I am very curious how all of this is going to work........ Black Rain is a killer CD... Ozz sounds great, Zack is rockin as always and Mike Borden OMG he is going to break those drums......... Bass player???? I have been out of the loop for over a year so someone fill me in here K?


Just kick back and ride it out..... You'll make it to the shows.... The thing that worries me is will Ozzy?????????? Anyone that knows Ozz like I do (which is probably a lot of you), knows that he is really good at not showing up.... BUT see now no-one can get pissed cause the tixs don't cost nuttin.... LOL......................... Way to go Sharon........ :)

I had a hard time getting on too...I went to bed woke up and loged on and got my tickets and darn good seats I might when you firts dont succeed try try again...s...
Sweet Dreamzzz & Peace out

what did you think would happen? we just waited out the storm of "free" fans and got a couple tickets for the ct. and ma. shows. ozzy is worth the wait and energy

I purchased black rain, and went to use my code...
It says the code has been used already,
and there is no previous order section of the website where you can view previous orders.
How could I have already used the CD code when I just bought the damn thing?


I had no problems & I had dial up. I had to wait a long time for the site to cough up the tickets but it worked & I got 2 free Ozzfest tickets. Totally worth my time!