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Ah i see everyone notices how ozzy osbourne the prince of darkness has fooled us all,and became the prince of scandal,how the f*** do you think he was going to get his cut,add up all the seats in each venue and then figure out how many records he sold with a code,ozzy misses a show at least once a year and now those loyal fans like me will miss ozzfest 2007,well all of you that didnt get tickets we all go the shaft-im banking sharon osbourne shes most likely the little convining b**** that thought of this all,with a little work along with paying livenation she got what she wanted,money and lots of it,stop buying anything ozzy,if your friend doesnt have the cd burn it for them dont buy any more cds-and i hope to see peer-to peer sites giving away his lyrics for free,and for all that go to the concert i ask you that you dont buy any merchandise boycott ozzy-okay you got your tickets fair and square but remember you could have been one of the less fortunate tha ozzy banked on,i hope the worst happens,dear lord (my lord may not be god) bring onto those that manipulate us worse things