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Man 4 and 1/2 hour wait to get sec 4. Missed it by that > < much. Wonder why so patchy since i was on at 9 sharp and others got tix faster that went later so i read.Still much closer than the G/A lawn. Anybody else hit floyd a few weeks ago at the sound advice or been there before??? If you have not you are in for a great night. the sound system in that place is amazing. I have not been hunting around too much though because i am going to Bonnaroo in Tenn. soon but i'm curious since West Palm is the last show on the tour if there are any rumours about surprises and such? Does anyone know if the whole family shows up for then end show or anything like that or maybe sabbath will do something. I was supposed to go to a Ozzfest back when i lived in new york, the one that was cancelled. I had my bracelet and was poised to get the tix but the cancellation killed it and i couldn't go. First time i'm seeing Ozzy so i'm curious as to what the inside scoop is. Seems like he's the type of guy to go above and beyond at all costs for all shows but with this tour my hopes are high for a spectacular end. Any ideas??? Still cant belive i been listening for so long and it's my first Ozzy show.