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Ticket confirmation email

I waited from 9:00 P.M. till 2:00 A.M., to receive my live nation ticket confirmation email,and never received it.I went to sleep ready to shred my bed to pieces in disgust.I woke up at 10:30 today to look in my email and found " Thank you for your purchase " .Thank you Ozzy,and thank you Live Nation.I`m still pissed about the website crashing at the presale,and the fact that I got nosebleed seats,but at least I`m in.Good luck to the rest of you guys in securing your tickets.Oh by the way,if you wrote down the ticket numbers before the print screen timed out,you can get a reprint from live nation at 1-800-431-3462,wich will allow you to print from either your computer,friends computer,or any library or college printer.See you all in the pit, on August 20 ,at Mansfield,Massachusetts.


alright. I've been waiting since 8:00 last night. and the window that says "processing request" is still up and going and it's 12:49 pm the next day! Is anyone else having this trouble? It hasn't sent the confirmation email to my email address yet and it's been more than 12 hours! what's going on?