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White River, Or... Gorge WA..

Which one if any are you all going to???

i'll be hitting both of them!!! hope to meet some of you fellow ozzy fans..
im also a huge... i mean huge.. bls fan (i know they wont be there, thats kewl) and im a HUGE HATEBREED fan as well....

this is going to be a great year... see you all there!!



OK I have two tickets for the Auburn show..... I may not need them..... I am not sure..... I will keep you guys up-dated......... :)

There will never be another Barbaro :-)

Looks like I am doing quite a few of the shows as I used to.... Oh boy here we go..... Ozzy has never sounded better since he has quit smoking. That voice is really good now. Please all I want here is if Ozzy can't make it to a show, don't bash him. THINK about getting your ass to another one. Ozzy will always tour. I know that there have been cancelations in the past years but give the icon a break. He is going on 60 and still able to work a crowd of a hundred thousand people and have them in another universe for weeks. It takes a long time to come down from a show that he does. :)

You guys..... This is going to be an Ozzfest that everyone will get to go to. Sharon came up with a great idea. It will cover Ozzys ass if he gets sick and you an always always go to another Ozzfest. There are 24 dates...... The US is a small place ;)

going to gorge ozzfest iam sure ill see you all there :) peace:) and ftw.

camp at
this is the party place to be
while going to ozz fest in gorge amp in

rock on

for more details
go to

SEATTLE PEOPLE? How did the seating work at white river? Could anyone sit anywhere or what?

White Water seating in the seats were reserved, The Grass you could sit anywhere!! Of course there were empty seats so you could roam a little if you wanted, all in all it was a f***ing good show

I WENT....I ROCKED.......but not as hard as OOOZZYYY baby! The show at teh gorge was AMAZING!
This was my very first ozzy concert and with Bob as my witness it will NOT be the last!!!!!!!!!!

He put on one hell of a show! I'm so glad I made it!


of all the things I've lost in life, I miss my mind teh most -Ozzy-

My Pictures from Ozzfest:


of all the things I've lost in life, I miss my mind teh most -Ozzy-

Hey does anyone know if that video they played before the show is online yet? The one of the parody of all the TV shows, like LOST and stuff? That was hilarious, and I'd love to have it. Thanks

Yeah I want to hit both of them as well. You have any idea if they'll let us get tix for both shows? Mabye they keep track of names or something and would only let people go to one of the shows? Btw, which is the 2 venues is closest to Seattle?


White River is closest to Seattle. It's in the Auburn area. The Gorge is in the center of the state...I'll be at the Gorge as I live about 30 miles from it.

I got my tickets early...but will be trying again on Tuesday to get tickets for my son in law. Will be using his name and an alternate email address also. Using different computer also in case they will track ISP address'. Hoping they will have some tickets left...

I was able to get 4 more tickets on Tuesday along with the 2 I got on Friday....The Gorge is SOLD OUT before 10 am PST.