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i went to live nation a half hour early, the venue offered was not the one i wanted and no matter what i couldnt change it, so i left and tried to re-enter, very bad idea, it took me more than two hours to get back in. and then i got the please be patient you r in line page. 14 hours later i gave up and left and re-entered, the ticket page came right up, still the wrong venue and after all this time ,i am on the lawn. what do u want for nothing eh? i wanted vip tickets in the front rows, but didnt everyone? not b****ing just venting , im pretty sure the problem was with me and my computer, which is lucky not to be out in my lawn full of black rain, stupid ,slow ass non ticket getting piece of crap that it is. anyway i guess im going to san jose instead of marysville this time. this is my third ozzy show, the first time was in the early eighties(bark at the moon) tour, i was front row center, the second was 2002 ozzfest , i was center seating section, this time im in the lawn, next time i will proballly be out in the f***ing parking lot, i know, b**** b**** b****. any one else out in the lawn in san jose,ca.?