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Ozzy Rules , Live nation can suck it!

Ozzy Rules , Live nation can suck it!
does this sum it well enough?



Here are your tickets. Thanks to A holes like this who jack everything up.

If i hear that someone sold a bunch while i'm at ozzfest, I'll be sure to kick them in the teeth for you.

how does this company, who in my opinion is SCALPING tickets that are supposed to be FREE, get soooo many tickets when a fan who got his code a month ago, was on the site to redeem at EXACTLY 3pm(time indicated), and waited for OVER 7 hours at his computer cant even f***in get 2 god damn tickets????? this is such bulls***....i think the idea of FREEFEST is great I think tickets could have been distributed in a better manner....if this is ever done again leave livenation out of the equation!!!!!!! f*** LIVENATION!!!!!!

Dude, is hard when a million people are trying to get tix all at once....I started trying at 9 and didn't get mine till 12:40 and I'm on section 7 which is back but I'm on the seats so I shouldn't complain....I have 3 other friends from work who all got tixs too and we can't wait for West palm beach.

Ozzy rules!!

same here. i got stuck all the way in the back. i dont like seats. standing is the only way to do this. but im sure we can make our way down front.

The pain and suffering was worth free Ozzfest!

yeah this def sucks...been waiting almost 2 f***in hours for these ticks!!!

ok so if this gives me one more f***ing "error" message or takes like any longer than 2 more hours(i've been waiting over 4 already) im just gonna say f*** IT and just wait until i can BUY tickets to Ozzy's fall?winter arena tour w BLS which i think id rather see anyway.....i think alot of fans who thought becuz of the word FREE, thought they's finally get to see Ozzy are gonna be very pissed