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Press pass? (seriously mad props to anyone who can ...

So, here's the footnotes on me. I'm a freelance photographer specializing in performance stills looking to make an attempt (and probably one that won't end in success) to get a press pass to an Ozzfest show. Now, I've searched the venue's site, the Ozzfest website, and well as this one, and all I can find is the Sony music feedback form -- pretty sure that won't help. So, if anyone can point me in the right directions, I'll be in your debt.

thanks a ton


Try LiveNation or one of the band websites. It's worth a shot.

Doubt you'd gret in, unless there is a particular zine or something you get in regularly. You would have to go through the label.


one ave to try is to call your local rock radio stations. they may some leads. most of them get back stage passes, im sure they can offer a little advice.

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