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Beware of Tickets for sale.

With all the opportunist ready and willing to cash in on this years free ozzfest, If I did not get my ticket directly from live nation or had it mailed or printed from the box office I would be very wary about buying any at all from a unofficial source. Any scumbag with a file to print a ticket can reproduce them in mass and sell multiple copies of the same ticket. Being able to print ones tickets at home does while convenient , does offer any crook a opportunity to pull one over on some one desperate for tickets.


There are monster energy codes for sale on e-bay too-it would be safer to buy a code and print out your own ticket w/your name on it. If the code didn't work you could get a refund. Or,just go hunt down a monster code for yourself.

Good point, I had the same problem. Maybe you should have them email you the reprint link, and show up early to avoid duplicates. and find out where he lives.