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VIP Tickets I am a part of the show

Im writing to find out if anyone could tell me whether or not Id have to pay for an extra ticket if I was escorting a handicap person on stage. Since my best friend Asa commited suicde last year his 12 year old daughter has been a die hard OZZY fan!!! She is blind and Autistic, had an older sister die of brain cancer a few years ago and also has another sister who is blind and Autistic as well despite all her hardships she is extremely smart and talented!!! She loves everything there is to love about OZZY. We decided it would be AWESOME if we coulde get tickets to this summer's show, and I succeeded in getting two VIP tickets on the 8th to the Chicago show!!! Her biggest dream in life is to meet him, she'd be tickled just being on stage. $666.00 per person though is a REAL downfall unfortuantely and we were just hoping someone out there may have some ideas for us!!!! Any thoughts on how we can make this girl the happiest girl in the world would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!


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