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Live Nation screwed us all!

They changed the times at the last minute for redeeming codes. I had to work so I didnt get the chance to use my code. Luckily someone gave me their lawn tickets but it sucks because I am one of those fans that would pay a lot to be in the front row. Anyone else totally feel ripped off by all of this? I mean it was a great, generous idea in theory, but it really sucked for those willing to pay.


Me and my buddy mick both bought the cd for tickets,he was able to get two orchestra tickets.I got screwed and was not able to down load tickets.Luckily we decided that we were going to save two and give two away but I guess that didn't work out.Life always has ups and downs you just got to try and stay ahead of the game.Rise above the obsticles! Bottom line Rock on!!!!


Hey,check this out.My wife just told me that my reserved tickets were sitting in her E-mail.You know,I came home bummed out cause I miss placed one of my work keys and I get home and find out that I have tickets after all.Mick has two orchestra tix and I have two orchestra tix.I really sorry for all of you loyal, truely
loyal John Michael Ozbourne (OZZY) fans came up empty handed! OZZY RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have two tickets that I can't even use. I am handicapped and in a wheelchair. There was no options for getting handicapped tickets. Anyone have any ideas?

Ozzfest is fun!

i feel the pain brother

i didnt get my tickets either because of the time changes so now i have to see who is selling them or something

LiveNation is a f***ing joke. I have been 'waiting in lin' now for 30 minutes to redeem my code. I bought the Black Rain CD and when I went to redeem my code, someone else had already used. Weird, because I kept the code in my wallet until it was time to redeem. Now, I'm just trying to get some kind of seats and can't even do that. I think LiveNation not only screwed us, but Ozzy and Sharon too. Who is the loser that talked them into soing this stupid free show s***? I'd rather pay and get my seats fair and square. f*** LIVENATION.....Love you Ozzy and Sharon.


I sat online for 6 hours.. it timed out at least 50-60 times, but I got them.
Btw, for those who are wanting to buy tickets, be careful, the person who bought them name is printed on the ticket, so there is a good chance they would be asking for ID to verify at the gate.


you thought all these lames bought the cds just for the tix to sell on ebay for outragous amonts of money f*** them