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Bonus tracks for the Black Rain

Hello there, I wonder, if anyone could be so kind to send me via email Black Rain bonus songs except for Nightmare and I Can't Save You (I guess, it's Love To Hate and one more, dunno the title)? I will really be grateful, because I don't know where to get them and I'm absolutely crazy about Ozzy. If any1 has these songs, PLEASE, be so kind send them to or upload anywhere. Thatks a lot beforehand, guys. Ozzy rules!


What I am really wondering about is why are there only 10 tracks on the "standard", and two more on the Japaneese version? And if there are 14 in total, where can I get my hands on them?? If anyone can, please help me as well. It would mean a lot to me!

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There are only 13 tracks. The 10 on the album and 3 bonus tracks: I Can't Save You, Nightmare, and Love To Hate

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No one can help me? =(

check your email.

Does anybody know anything about a fourth bonus track? Ozzy said in an interview he recorded 14 tracks for the album but only 13 have been released so far.

Thank a lot to those 2 ppl who were so nice and sent me tracks =)