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The ideal set list for tonights gig in Denmark??

Concrete Jungle
Battering Ram
Doomsday Jesus
Suicide Messiah
Lords of Destruction
Phoney smiles and.....
Genocide Junkies
Demise of Sanity
-Zakks solo-
Bleed for me
All for you
Black Mass Reverends
Bridge to Cross
13 years of grief

Korn - Forgot they were to play

Dont wanna stop
I dont know
That I Never Had
Perry Mason
No More Tears
Mr Crowley
Suicide Solution
-Zakks solo-
The Almighty Dollar
Crazy Train
War Pigs
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Civilize the Universe
Diary of a Madman
Rock 'n' roll rebel
Gets me through
Mr. Tinkertrain
Breaking all the rules
Mama Im coming home..

No you are number one!!