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I can't wait for OZZFEST this summer on the South Side of Chicago - the South Side knows how to rock. Last year was awesome and the weather was HOT. Ozzy was incredible.


Ill be at the Indy show myself see you there!!!!!!

Alpine Valley is the better venue. Tinley sucks.

Yeah I know i went the last 2 years and im going to go see him this year in indianapolis its gonna be great

Alpine sucks. you can't see s*** unless kind of close. the lines for beer and food are ridiculous. You miss most of the show waiting in line.

I went to Tinley last year after several years of going to St. I don't know if Alpine Valley is better than Tinley, but it sure beats the hell out of St. Louis. The crowd seemed a lot better and it's a nicer, bigger venue.

I like Alpine myself. Saw the Crue there last year.

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Lord Krieg
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I'll be attending the Indy show this year. I saw Ozzfest last year at Tinley (I met Ozzy there!) and the Indy show. We had a great time at the Tinley Park show but the date this year is the same day as Korn Family Values Tour in Indy.