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yeah - i did eveything the person on the phone said to do last nite and kept getting errored out because of time issues have the codes and then at 11 it just shut down without any tickets. i only need two so my kids can go with us, i am in handicap and the other tickets are so i know where they will be. hopefully livenation will sort this out this morning. its not saying there aren't anymore tickets just shut down right now. good luck and if anyone decides they don't want to use theirs for camden let me know cause i am not going over to ebay, those guys should be shot or not make the tickets useable cause this was suppose to be from ozzy for the fans for free. hopefully they can do something. thanks this was suppose to be for my daughter 16th birthday lol now i don't know if she'll get to go, but i am going to try and keep trying, lol hey there are free and it doesn't say there aren't any left yet.