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Ozzy in Copenhagen

Hi All

Not much to say,Ozzy and crew was in Copenhagen,and damm it was a nice show.
Ozzy kept saying "your are no.1" hmm no no no OZZY you are NO.1

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Please, somebody who was on that concert, can you tell me something about:
1. Is there any merchandise of Ozzy? Shirts, hats? What are the prices? I am specialy interested about hats...
2. What about KoRn? How long they played? How was their performance?
Thank you in advance!

f***ing right you are! That show was f***ing briliant!

Yes there was a booth where you could buy t-shirts and stuff like that.. But it was also with BLS and Korn.

And Korn played pretty good they play something from Metallica's One I just loved when they did that.

All in one.. The concert was f***ing amazing!!!!!!! \m/ Ozzy! \m/

Personally I did not think much of the Korn show, they've survived themselves, and are not the same as back in the days. BLS was great though.

Ozzy were awsome. This was the first time i've got the chance to see him solo, so that was a amazing experience for me.

Do any of you guys know who the symphony in the beginning of the concert is made by, and what is called? I've tried to find out since I bought the "Tribute" record..

Hey all, I was wondering if any of you know where to find some pictures from the Ozzy concert in Copenhagen ?? Thanks in advance :) :)