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"new stuff never works and it does tarninsh what he has done with sabbath"

What do you mean new stuff never works? Black Rain kicks ass, Psycho Man Selling My Soul and Scary Dreams are great, Fused rocks, and the new Sabbath tracks with Ronnie are awsome. Does Black Rain tarnish the music/legacy from No More Tears or No Rest For The Wicked? NO! Those albums still make fans put their fists in the air just like Black Rain does and a new Sabbath album would.

"Ozzy and Sharon have done so much for us fans. What about them...they might want to live out the rest of their lives in peace and not have to worry about ungratefull wankers."

Then retire, I'm fiine with that or if Ozzy gives one final statement that there isn't ever gonna be a new album.

"If I was Ozzy ....I would tell Toni to shove it. Did he not get what he wanted? Demanded? Now that Ozzy is a multi zillionaire I'm sure Toni is pressing for an album. I'd like to work with Ozzy too ...hmmm...seems like a pretty sure way to make a few hundred thousand dollars real quick. I loved Toni's playing and all he has done for rock guitar but his arrogance really bothers me. Toni dumped Ozzy flat on his ass."

First note the f***in "y" in TonY's name. Toni, or Toni-Marie, Iommi is his daughter. Don't you dare cast all blame on Tony. If Tony hadn't fired Ozzy, Ozzy might have just drank/smoke/snorted his way to an early grave and we would never have gotten Crazy Train, Diary Of A Madman, Randy Rhoads, or Zakk Wylde. And its not like Ozzy isn't arrogent with his feud with the equally arrogent Ronnie Dio, or Sharon egging Iron Maiden and sending Tony a bag of her stool.

Also, do you think Tony doesn't have money? Okay, not as much as Ozzy because unlike Sharon, Tony's wife doesn't sell Ozzy out by portraying him on TV and a mumbling stumbling drgged out freak, which we all know he isn't. Tony has the rights to the name Black Sabbath and every time the name is used on a best of CD Tony gets $$$.

"I personally would have loved to see Toni's reaction when he heard Randy play children of the grave the first time...or the first time he heard Blizzard.

Randy himself said he didn't like playing the Sabbath tunes just because the two players' style varied so much. Randy wasn't a big fan of Sabbath and thus didn't give the attention to the songs as a fan would have. His renditions are great but it is nothing like hearing the songs played by Tony. Also those songs are nothing special because every one of the Sabbath songs Randy did play have since and previously been covered by hundreds if not thousands of guitarists. I'm sure that when he heard Blizzard Of Ozz he thought 'good for him' because Tony saw the shape Ozzy was in and Ozzy wouldn't have been able to come up with those melodies with Tony or Sabbath's sound. Everyone says thank god for Sharon for pulling Ozzy out of that hotel room or Ozzy owes it all to Randy, but none of that would have happened if Tony hadn't fired Ozzy. It might have looked terrible to Ozz at the time but in hindsight IMO it was one of the best thing for everyone. Tony got together with Dio and Gillian and Hughes while Ozzy found Randy Rhoads and Zakk Wylde, and both creating great music.

But yes keep Sharon happy with her $60,000 tiolet and her stupid appearences on TV.