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any members from the original board

hey is there any members from way back when they were trying to start the asylum


ahhh see people starting to surface very cool

Been on the boards since they first started, way back. Never posted however except to ask the occasional question. Posted this site on the Ozzfest board early last week for others to come over. I see they are starting to file in.

When Traveling down the roads of life, you will find yourself upside down at times. So is the nature of the wheel. The smaller your mind the more times you'll turn.

I am an old member to- wow it seems so long ago!

hi all good to see all of you and i do remember all of you

I thought I already posted on here but hi ozzrokk..... Long time no see.... I think the Asylem was the last place that I talked to you.... ;)

Hi Piggy.... ;) ozzysrose...........

ozzrokk..... My email is different. I don't want to put it up here because as you know, I am being harrased by a person that I have never even met. How are we going to do this? Do you have an email that you can give me? We need to play catch up. I have been bashed, and called every name in the book at a site RE: horses and I am finally out of there. I never really belonged there anyway because as soon as I mentioned that I was a metal fan, the name calling started and I got put down for everything and anything. Give me an email address in my profile or add me to your friends list and so we can get on IM..... ;)

Miss ya...... rose..................

I am headed over to the Ozzfest board. I am in the private Metallica chat as well. Are any of you guys over there? I need to go over there again cause it has been awhile... I need to catch up on everything. Ozzy ROCKED Seattle........


ozzroxx and piggy do you guys remember 1999 when the Sabs took the stage for the first time since the mid 90's at one of Ozzy's solo gigs? Remember that board that Truthy and those guys were on? I liked that board. Man it is hard to beieve that so much time has passed. The Asylum. Ozzrokk did you go to the Kick off show in Tucson? That was a 21 song set-list. Ozzy blew the state out of the country. Man that was a good show. They did a Sab sequence right in the middle. Manny remember that? Those midgets?

;) rose

Goodbye To Romance

Ozzborn_again Yeah that Sabbath Board. That is what I was talking about. I am headed to Ozzfest so I'll see you guys there....


Goodbye To Romance

yep, I go way back also, the original board, also and Asylum member. Nice to see some familiar names again. Sabbath had to cancel 2 years ago her in Columbus, then Ozz wasnt even scheduled for here last year, so didnt bother with tickets. This year my wife is desperately ill with cancer, she insist I go to Ozzfest anyhow. I contemplated itm but if Ozz had to cancel it will be an easy decision not to go. I tell her I'm not going, she keeps saying I need to get out, oh well enough of that I guess. Just nice to see some of the old gang.

Man Drip...... It is nice to have some of us re-serficing. I haven't seen some of you guys in aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh years LOL.......... It is a small world...... I sent you an email a while ago......
Got to catch up..........My prayers are with you and your family as alwasys............

Goodbye To Romance

I'm an old Asylum member.

OK TAT.... Where the hell are you?????????????????? :-)
Goodbye To Romance

it's been a long time since this board been back up and running ive been over to the ozzfest board

I was an Asylum member as well. I even go back before that to the original bbl Ozzy board that was first up in '97. Hi ozzrock and Piggy. Hey Piggy, are you going to Heaven & Hell on Sat. at PNC?

Hi Ozzborn_again,

I just bought tickets tonight for Heaven and Hell. Section 101 row Z. Not bad for 4 days out. I know you'll be there. Where are you sitting?