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hey i just wanna say that i think ozzys new stuff is so f***ing killer, i love it i dont wanna stop speaks to all of us,ozzy rules long live ozzy zakk is the man his work has opened up new doors to his exsitence, and for rock and metal lovers

SDMF beyond forever


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I love Ozzy Osbourne! He is THE MAN!

May Rock n' Roll be our guide throughout the damnation!

excellent the new album, here in Argentinean the this breaking! God willing ozzy comes at some time for these places.

PD: I am bad writing English

I love the new album!!! it kicks ass. not as good as the randy rhoads era to me. just not the same. but it's deffinetly better than ultimate sin. lol.

Guitar Players Rule


I absolutely love this new album! I've listened to it on HMV, and it's definitely going to be on my to buy before the end of the year list ... right near the top!


Hi peeps,
Just been listening to a couple of tracks, and it is definitely sounding good. I shall be buying to album before long. Ozzy rocks.


Well Oz you have done it again. I have listened to your latest album and even though I don't rate it as "Your Best Ever" like some have I think that once again you have penned a couple of classic tracks that will last the test of time. I really like the track "Here for you", "Countdown has begun" and "Trap Door"

Would love to see you back out here in Australia as seeing you live is so much better than listening to cd's

GREAT work again son.

Played Blizzard till the vinyl wore out back in the 80's ........ saw Ozzy at Sheffield 1983 Donington in 1984 and lots since, amid total Ozzy immersion as a teenager ...... should be too old for this (me and Ozzy) but the MAN has come up with a GREAT record with Black Rain ...... Certainly one of his best (in my opinion !). A little disappointed he doesnt seem to be playing anything off it on the present European tour. It should be played its very worthy !!!! Fingers crossed for Wembley & Birmingham