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I found this:

Ozzy must give the frame to the picture of Eve,Timusk and Neumann !


Public Letter to the Ozzy Osbourne !

By the words on the "Paranoid" in the song "Fairies Wear Boots" I give this faces together with the photo to you.I think this photo of Jarkko Eve,Ivo Timusk and Pertti Olavi Neumann on the webpage here:

Frame you have on your webpage,how I saw !

These words about 37 years ago were so : " So I face,tere doctors,Ivo Timusk give me! ".

I wanted to be on your concert in Tallinn in beginning of the June of this year ,but I am so sickk after this ,when Estonian doctors together with Estonian police killed me.

So I was on the "Dingo's" concert in Tartu,where I live.Oh,I wanted to see you face to face and to do photo with you too,but your concert was in Tallinn !

Thank you !

Ivo Timusk.